Niseko Nature Walks

Learn about Niseko's beautiful nature with expert guides.

Not every adventure in Niseko involves bicycles, paddles or hiking boots. A short nature walk is an easy activity and full of discovery.

A nature tour with the Nature Learning Studio Ecol, one of many guiding options here in Niseko, is an excellent way to spend part of your day. Located midway up Mt Niseko Annupuri, you don't have to worry about working up a sweat as you can catch a lift to the top on the Hirafu Gondola.

Tokyu Ace Hill Nature Centre Summer 2017 4511

Ecol's guides are well versed in the local ecosystem and many have specialties which make each tour unique.

The short nature paths are bursting with life, giving guides plenty of reasons to stop and point out different types of flowers, insects and other natural features.

The guides also have lightning fast reflexes that allows them to pluck dragonflies out of the air and grasshoppers mid-jump with their insect nets. They know just how to hold each kind of bug to help you get a closer look (there's no pressure to go in for a closer look).

Our hour-long tour led us along one of Ecol's nature paths and in close contact with all kinds of flowers, bugs and mushrooms. Our guide was an authority on local mushrooms and conducted our tour in Japanese but tours are also available in English as well.

As the weeks go by, the nature tours change. A course in early summer is quite different from one in September as flowers bloom and wither and animals and insects change their patterns.

For more information or to arrange your own adventure, see Ecol's website here.