Sit Down For A Slice

A guide to Niseko's many pizzerias.

A Global Dish

While the dish certainly originated in Italy, it cannot be said that pizza is still just an Italian dish. Many countries and cities have their own take on pizza and the results are quite varied.

Here in Japan, topping a pizza with corn, mayonnaise or teriyaki sauce isn't uncommon, but in many cases toppings can become so creative that in other places around the world they might seem crazy. We're talking about pizzas topped with still-in-the-shell scallops or anchovy potatoes—might be a bit next level for many pizza fans.

Niseko, being the international gourmet hub that it is, is home to a number of excellent pizzerias and we have the rundown on them all.

Niseko Pizza

Niseko Pizza Italian Pizza

Under the guidance of Cezar Constantine and his wife Keiko, Niseko Pizza has grown into one of Niseko's staple names and restaurants. Almost every Niseko regular has been through Cezar's restaurant at least once.

Niseko Pizza is a high-end pizzeria that serves up a range of Italian-style thin-crust pizzas. Expect an array of gourmet toppings and styles as well as many of the classics. They offer a number of excellent sides, drinks and alternative mains to choose from as well.

Niseko Yummy's Pizza


Nestled into Niseko-Hirafu's lower village, Niseko Yummy's Pizza is a fast favourite for many returning guests. The restaurant has a menu of ten tried and true pizzas, some classics and others whacky inventions. In addition, they offer an extensive menu of sides, salads, pastas and even cheese fondue.

Lava Lounge

Lava Lounge

Another one of Niseko-Hirafu's long-standing favourites, Lava Lounge is nestled in upper Hirafu. The restaurant was the first pizza place in Niseko to start offering delivery and since has sparked movement in just about every other pizza restaurant in the Hirafu area.

Lava Lounge also has the best mascots in the area—you are sure to see one of them on the main intersection in Hirafu Village during the winter.


Boroya Pizza

"Natural wine and Italian cuisine" is the slogan that Boroya's two owners have come to embrace. Nestled in the heart of downtown Kutchan, they serve up a variety of pizzas, pastas and other Italian-inspired dishes alongside a rotating selection of organic and natural wines.

B.C.C. White Rock

B C C  White Rock Pizza Photo

All handmade in a handmade wood-fire oven, B.C.C. White Rock's menu is tomato-base and cream-base pizzas.

Located between Kutchan Town and the Niseko resort area, it is a popular stop off for locals with a pizza craving.

Del Sole

Del Sole Pizza

This little pizzeria is one of Niseko's hidden secrets. The small restaurant is located off of a side street not far from the Annupuri resort area and with limited seating can be quite tricky to get into as it is very popular and they don't allow reservations. If you aren't able to get a seat, you can still order takeaway!

Winter Pizza Vans

There are also a number of pizza vans which settle down next to the Seicomart in the heart of the Hirafu Village during the winter season. They are always a nice choice when on the go. Many of them continue operation during the summer months, but rotate through a number of locations around the Niseko area. You will often find them at festivals and events.