Spring Sakura Season is just around the corner in Niseko

This year, cherry blossoms bloomed at record-breaking speeds across the country, but Hokkaido has the latest cherry blossoms to bloom.

If you're planning a trip to Niseko, and want to witness the cherry blossoms in all their glory, then you're in luck. In this blog post, we'll provide you with all the information you need to know about where and when to find cherry blossoms in Niseko.

Spring sprung a little earlier this season

This year's cherry blossom season has been one for the record books. As of April 13th, 72 of the 84 observation points nationwide had already flowered, with nearly 40 of them having the earliest flowering in observation history.

Typically in Niseko, the flowers are in full bloom in time for the Golden Week holidays at the end of April. However, due to the high temperatures this year across Japan, in some areas in central Hokkaido, there may even be places with leaf cherry blossoms in the latter half of Golden Week.

When will be the best time to view the blooms?

Hokkaido is the final spot in the country to view the season's sakura blooms.

The best time for viewing is when the flowers reach full bloom which is expected to be around 21 - 28 April.

You can view this sakura forecast which is updated daily, with the state of the bloom for each area.

Sakura Season Forecast 2023

What type of cherry blossom can I see throughout Niseko?

The Niseko area boasts a diverse array of cherry blossoms that can be admired in various locations, not just at the typical tourist hotspots.

While the common Somei-Yoshino cherry trees can be found throughout Japan, Hokkaido is home to unique varieties such as Ezoyamazakura and Chishimazakura. These blossoms bloom in unison with their leaves, creating a stunning display of colours showcasing nature's beauty.

Half-bloom sakura on a branch

Best spots around Niseko to view the blooms?

Read on for our top picks of all the lovely places that are highly recommended for viewing cherry blossoms now that you know the best time to visit.

1. Makkari Shrine

Makkari Shrine4

Shrine, tick. Gorgeous Mt Yotei view, tick. Sakura lined walkway to the tori gate, TICK. Makkari Shrine is a local's favourite for viewing the sakura blooms in Niseko, and for great reason too. Visitors can enjoy the sight of thousands of pink petals in full bloom.

2. Miyayama

Miyayama Sakura Cherry Blossoms

Thousands of cherry blossoms, all lovingly planted by locals from the nearby area, are on display here. The thing we love about this spot is that the beauty that surrounds you is all volunteers’ work to let everyone know their love and appreciation for Niseko's nature.

3. Lake Toya

Toya Lake 4 Sunrise Sakura Cherry Blossoms Spring

Located approximately one and a half hours away from Niseko, it is necessary to have a car or other means of transportation to reach this breathtaking viewing point. Trust us, the journey is well worth it!

Once you arrive, you will be able to take in the stunning beauty of the cherry blossoms that surround the lake.

4. Fukidashi Park

Fukidashi Sakura 2019B

If you're searching for a serene location to unwind amidst the beauty of nature, look no further than Fukidashi Park in Kyogoku Town. This stunning local park boasts some of the purest spring waters that flow down from the nearby Mt. Yotei.

5. Spot small clusters of sakura blooms around the Niseko United Resort

Hirafu 2 Spring Cherry Blossoms Sakura Mt Yotei

There are numerous locations in and around the Niseko United resorts, including a spot just outside the Hirafu Village, where one can discover both solitary sakura and clusters of cherry trees.

During a previous season, our team stumbled upon a stunning line of cherry trees along the road that perfectly frames the distant Mt Yotei.

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We hope that this blog has inspired you to venture out and witness the breathtaking cherry blossoms that adorn the picturesque landscapes of Niseko.

Enjoy the arrival of spring a little early this year, and remember to take time to relax, enjoy and stop to smell the flowers!

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