Kutchan Town's Shibazakura Garden Now in Full Bloom

See one of Niseko's famous summer sights as Mr Mishima's astonishing shibazakura garden reaches full bloom.

Attracting visitors from around Hokkaido and further, Mr Mishima's shibazakura garden has finally reached full bloom. With beautiful sunny weather and gentle care, the pink moss garden is one of Niseko's most pictureque spots to visit in summer. 

Here are some of the best images of Mr Mishima's shibazakura garden captured this season.  

Colourful Contrast

Shibazakura 2019 Lr 7052

Growing from a handful of pink blossoms 20 years ago, the garden now spans across 4000m² of land with an impressive view of the Mt Yotei and contrasted with nearby yellow rape-blossoms. 

Shades of Pink

Shibazakura 2019 Lr 7029

Shibazakura are otherwise known as a pink moss flowers and have petals which resemble the shape of cherry blossoms. Owing to its nature of growing thickly, shibazakura often cover grounds in shades of pink. 

Pink Flower Carpet

Shibazakura 2019 Lr 7033

Today, the garden is often featured in the local magazines and guidebooks. Free of charge to enter, it is a popular spot amongst locals. However, as it is located in a private residence, there is no parking lot. We recommend using the nearby Wanpaku Square or Asahigaoka Park parking lot.

For more information, visit Kutchan Town Tourism.

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