Shakotan Soran Tasting Festival

A traditional festival which celebrates summer and fresh big catch!

Famous for sea urchins or uni  across Japan, Shakotan holds an annual festival to celebrate the arrival of summer and fresh flavours that the town is known for.  The festival is always filled with exciting performances, folk dancing, singing and traditional events from early morning to late evening. 

Here's a rundown on what happened at this year's Shakotan Soran Tasting Festival.

Shakotan Soran Mikaku Festival 2018 275 Edit

Traditional Yosakoi Soran Dance performed at Shakotan Soran Mikaku Festival 2018.

The festival was well attended by both locals and visitors from across Hokkaido. The seafood soup which is traditionally served in a large 150 cm pot was finished within the first few hours! 

The event stage was packed with exciting performances throughout the afternoon and evening. This included a contest to see who can open a prickly sea urchin the fastest, balloon art show and singing from local talents. The traditional Yosakoi Soran dance was by far the highlight of the festival with over 50 people participating.  

Towards the end, visitors gathered in front of the stage to participate in mochinage, a mochi throwing event. Catch one with 100 yen attached for good luck and happiness! To finish the festival, a large evening firework display was held at the port. 

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