Survival Japanese—Key Words And Phrases

Some words and phrases you might find useful next time you visit Niseko.

Planning a trip to Niseko? Well, one of the best things about Niseko is that you can experience Japan without a lot of the worry over language barriers. Niseko is probably Japan's most international-friendly travel destination. You could get through a summer or winter vacation without ever needing to speak a word of Japanese, but sometimes it's nice to have a few stock phrases to help you along the way.

We've laid out some useful words and phrases in the following categories for you below:

  • Day-to-day
  • A night out
  • Help! Save me!
  • On the slopes
Learning Japanese Stock Image Of Japanese Scholar


Good morningOhayooh-high-yo
Good afternoonKonnichi wacon-nee-chee wah
Good eveningKonban wacon-bahn wah
Good nightOyasumiOh-yah-soo-me
How are you?Genki desu ka?gen-kee dehs kah
I'm goodGenki desugen-kee dehs
Drinking Session Cats Japanese Ukiyo E Style

A night out

Let's drink!NomimashouNo-me-mah-show
Beer pleaseBiru kudasaiBee-roo koo-dah-sigh
I'm hungryOnaka suitaOh-nah-kah soo-ee-tah
One more pleaseMou hitotsu kudasaiMow hee-toe-tsoo koo-dah-sigh
I want to go to (place)(place) ni ikitai.(place) nee ee-key-tie
I'm full.Onaka ippaiOh-nah-kah eep-pie
I'm drunk.YopparateiruYo-pa-rah-tay-ee-roo
Yōshū Chikanobu Shinrei Yaguchi No Watashi Japanese Ukiyo E Help Save Me

Help! Save me!

Help me!Tasukette!Tahs-keh-tay!
I'm lost.Maigo desu.Mah-ee-go dehs
My stomach hurts.Onaka ga itai.Oh-nah-kah gah ee-tie
I want to go to the hospital.Byoin ni ikitai.Bi-yoh-een nee ee-kee-tie
Look out!AbunaiAh-boo-nye
Are you okay?Daijobu desuka?Die-jo-boo dehs-kah
Japanese Ukiyo E Style Snowboarder And Skier In Niseko Yotei

On the slopes

Let's ride togetherIssho ni suberoEe-show nee soo-beh-row
After youOsaki ni dozoOh-sah-kee nee doh-zoh
It's snowingYuki ga futteiruYou-key gah foo-tay-ee-roo
So much snowYuki ga ippaiYou-kee gah eep-pie
Great weather todayIi tenki desu neEe ten-key deh-soo nay