The Last Green Season Matsuri

A perfect end to the green season in Niseko.

Happening every year at Kutchan Town is the Annual Konpira Temple Festival which celebrates autumn and heralds the coming winter. The three-day festival occurs every October 9, 10 and 11. 

Konpira Matsuri Fire Pic

One of the key ceremonies which occurs is fire walking at the temple. A large bonfire is created in front of the temple for the monks to walk across the burning embers to purify their bodies and spirits. Locals will also write their wishes on a thin piece of wood to be burnt in the bonfire to reach the gods.  

Many locals will pray for safety on the roads as well as on the mountain during the winter months. 

After the ceremonies at Konpira Temple, many will head towards Kutchan's downtown area where a large variety of food stalls and festival games are set up for the three day event. 

Matsuri Stalls

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