Top 4 Activities Singaporean Travelers Must Do in Japan

Discover the top 4 things Singaporeans should do in Japan. From adventure to dining, don't miss any chance to get a true feel for this country.

Japan continues to be one of the most desired destinations for Singaporean travelers, and rightfully so. Japan lures travelers from around the world with their distinct culture, landscape for adventure, and picturesque seasons. Below we’ve highlighted the top 4 activities Singaporeans love to partake in when visiting The Land of The Rising Sun. We hope these activities inspire you to take a vacation to Japan!


One of the most significant reasons Singaporean travelers choose to travel to Japan is to experience the change in seasons. While there are multiple options for traveling north for colder weather, Japan has proven to be the best option for experiencing winter, as the region of Niseko receives great amounts of some of the best powder snow in the world. This said, Japan’s winter season lures many winter sports lovers from around the globe, including many from Singapore who appreciate the freshness of falling snow and the thrill of skiing.


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Cherry Blossom Viewing

Another season in Japan that grabs the attention of Singaporean travelers is Cherry Blossom season. Soft, pink Cherry Blossoms bloom during the springtime, creating a magical atmosphere that is treasured by locals and visitors alike.

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Japanese cuisine has delighted the taste palettes of the Singaporeans for many generations. Singaporeans, as well as the rest of the world, appreciate the beauty, care, simplicity and nutrition put into every Japanese dish, no matter how big or small the portion. Popular plates that attract Singaporeans include authentic Japanese sushi, sashimi, sukiyaki, shabu shabu, tempura, and tonkatsu.

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Japan is also a destination known for its trend-setting fashion and fun, delectable snacks. It can be safe to say that Singaporeans look to Japan when looking to find the latest, edgy fashion styles, makeup, skincare, electronics and games. They also love local Japanese snacks such as butter sand cookies, gummies, potato chips in unique flavors, jellybeans, candies and biscuits. The major cities in Japan, such as Tokyo, offer a large selection of all these items, making for the ultimate marketplace for all the needs Singaporeans crave.

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