Types Of Accommodation In Niseko

Why go to Tokyo or Kyoto, you can experience it all here in Niseko!

Gcp Sekka Kan Exterior Night 3

Sekka Kan, Japan's Best Ski Chalet from 2014, 2015 and 2016.

A lot has changed over the last 20–30 years as Niseko has grown into one of the most recognizable international ski resorts in the world. Twenty years ago, the resort areas were made up of a few Japanese hotels and bed & breakfasts (known as pensions in Japanese). It is stunning when you look at photos over the last 50 years and see how much the Niseko area has really changed.

Types of Accommodation

These days, you can find just about every kind of accommodation type here in Niseko. There are still plenty of the B&B's from Niseko's humble beginnings, but now you will see all kinds of condo hotels, resort homes and more. Take a look at our round up of the different accommodation options you have to consider for your upcoming trip to Niseko.

Resort Homes (Self-Catering)

Mn K Country Resort Niseko Chalets In Winter Evening

A row of resort homes nestled in the snow on a winter evening at Country Resort Niseko by MnK Niseko.

Resort homes are most common around the Grand Hirafu and Annupuri resorts. They are typically free-standing houses and will often range from three bedrooms up to eight (even more in some cases). Resort homes are great private retreats for families and close friends. Depending on the managing company, they may have a limited amount of concierge services you can take advantage of when you stay.

Out in the Annupuri area, many of the resort homes are large, Canadian-style log chalets and are imitations of what you might find in Canadian cottage country. In the Grand Hirafu area, there is a much wider range of style and architecture.

Condominiums and Condo Hotels (Self-Catering)

Nozomi Views Nv Exterior Summer 3

Niseko Central's Nozomi Views sits in the middle of Grand Hirafu's upper village.

Condominiums and condo hotels are becoming a staple in many of the Niseko resorts. These self-catering buildings will have limited to no front desk service available, but many companies will have a concierge team that can help with organising certain activities or services for your stay.

Most condominiums and condo hotels in the Grand Hirafu Resort are located in the upper village and offer convenient proximity to the lifts and good views. Grand Hirafu has the largest number of condominiums and condo hotels, but they are starting to catch on in other Niseko resorts as well.


Japanese ryokan are a traditional type of accommodation in that originated during Japan's Edo period (1603–1868). These kinds of inns are typically older or designed to feel that way, featuring traditional tatami mat rooms, sliding doors and sometimes private gardens or onsen.

Here in the Niseko resort area, there are currently only a few options, like Zaborin and Moku-no-sho, which would satisfy all of the criteria to qualify as a 'ryokan', but as interest continues to grow there will surely be more to come.

Hotels and Condo Hotels (Serviced)

Ki Niseko exterior

Grand Hirafu's Ki Niseko is a ski-in and ski-out condo hotel that has been topping Trip Advisor's lists since opening.

Serviced hotels and condo hotels have been cropping up in greater numbers along with a rise in interest from Asia. These types of accommodation typically offer a range of options from hotel-style rooms with standard furnishings to full condo-style rooms with kitchens and laundry facilities.

On top of all of this, you can typically expect to have full front desk service, concierge assistance and in many cases restaurants, onsen, shuttle bus service and ski valet on site. Every hotel and condo hotel will vary to some extent, but the level of service at a hotel or serviced condo hotel will be higher than that of most self-catered accommodations.

Bed & Breakfast and Lodges

Bed & Breakfasts typically come in two kinds: minshuku, which are Japanese style B&B's, and pensions, which are typically Western style B&B's. Here in Niseko, there are plenty of old places that could fall into either and some which straddle both categories.

There has also been a rise of new or renovated lodges which offer slightly more luxurious stays, such as Kimamaya by Odin.

Backpacker's Lodges

My Ecolodge Ext 1

Located just passed the Izumikyo area outside of Grand Hirafu, My Ecolodge is one of the newest backpackers in the area.

In recent years, the number of backpackers lodges in Niseko has been on the decline as investment into the region has spurred on the growth of more and more family-oriented and luxury-end accommodation. That said, there are still plenty of places that offer small rooms and shared facilities to accommodate those travelling on a tight budget.

Many backpackers are located slightly further away from the slopes, such as My Ecolodge which is located a bit outside of Grand Hirafu Resort's Hirafu Village.

Capsule Hotel

Capsule Hotel Tokyo

A Tokyo capsule hotel by kallerna (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons.

The capsule hotel is another unique kind of accommodation that has originated here in Japan. This minimalist kind of accommodation was designed for business travellers and commonly crop up in big cities like the one pictured above (located in Tokyo).

With only a bed, TV and locker, every other facility is shared by floor or section. For many travellers to Japan, staying at a capsule hotel is a bucket list experience. And it is one that no longer has to be missed out on here in Niseko! Lodge Moiwa 834 is Niseko's first high-end capsule hotel, which combines the unique quirkiness of the capsule hotel with a bit more of the high-end amenities expected of accommodation here in Niseko.