Water Sports In Niseko

Looking to get have a fun day in the water here in Niseko? Take a look at these great activities you can enjoy when you come!

One of the best parts of summer here in Hokkaido is the amazing weather! The temperature gets up to a comfortably hot summer level, but not to the melting point that you get in many other parts of Asia; just as importantly, you don't get the muggy humidity that strikes parts of southern Japan, either.

Summer here in Niseko is an incredible season for spending time outdoors and one of the best ways you can spend your summer days here in Niseko is getting wet with some water sports! Take a look at our round-up of wonderful ways to enjoy the water here in Niseko.


Lake Pixabay Swimming Swim Woman

Go for a swim when the weather's warm!

This is the simplest way to enjoy the water! Whether you are just wading in to your chest or planning to swim the distance you can enjoy a swim both indoors or outdoors here in Niseko.

If you are looking for an indoor swim, you can check out Hotel Niseko Alpen's indoor pool or head over to Kutchan Town's Choei Pool, which is located beside the parking lot of Asahigaoka Total Park

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

Rhythm Sup Tour At Lake Toya Summer 2017 11

May as well test your balance on a SUP board, too!

Stand up paddling is a surprisingly simple and easy way to enjoy the water when the weather is warm. The wide boards are not too difficult to get the hang of, especially if you are learning with experienced friends or a tour provider like Rhythm Japan.

There are a number of great locations to get on a SUP board and paddle! The most common spot for travellers is over at Lake Toya. The lake is typically quite calm and is a great place for beginners. There are also a number of spots along the Shiribetsu River which move slow enough for SUP and many enthusiasts also head out to the Sea of Japan and SUP along the coast.


Nac Sea Kayak Summer 10

Riding along the coast of the Sea of Japan with NAC.

Kayaking is a pretty popular way to spend a morning or afternoon here in Niseko. There are a number of different touring companies which can facilitate different kinds of kayaking adventures.

River kayaking and lake kayaking are great fun, but it seems that for many sea kayaking is the most popular. There are a number of great places to launch from along the coastline between Shakotan Town and Otaru City where you can explore amazing cliff formations along the shoreline.


Canoe 1657069 Pixabay Canoeing Summer Stock Image

Not quite as popular as kayaking here in Niseko, canoeing is still an amazing way to explore the water!

Despite its similarities, canoeing is arguably less popular here in Niseko. Yet, there are a number of great locations to take a canoe out and explore. Most notably, the Shiribetsu River has a number of great spots for beginners and Lake Toya is always a safe bet with plenty to see.

There are a few places at Lake Toya where you can rent out a canoe for a few hours or a half-day. If you think a teacher and guide might make your experience more memorable, Niseko Outdoor Centre runs a range of different canoe tours ranging from half to full-day.



Riding the rapids in the most minimalist way possible!

Canyoning is a great activity for the adventurous at heart! Who needs a raft to enjoy the rapids? Just body surf through them! There are a number of great waterfalls and sections of river rapids that are safe for mixing up into a great canyoning experience.

NAC takes groups out for canyoning tours, providing thrill seekers a chance to body surf rapids, cliff jump and slide down waterfalls throughout the summer season.