Find Out What Vogue Is Praising Niseko As The Ultimate Ski Destination For

Vogue just "can't get enough of the powder snow... and the—"

Hidde Hageman Shot From The Top Of Yotei View Of Hirafu Village

It is always enjoyable when we stumble across mention of Niseko in a major international publication. We've seen Niseko crop up in the New York Times in 2006 and in 2012; Niseko showed up in The Telegraph in 2009 and in 2015; most recently, Niseko has made another appearance in Vogue this past February. Vogue had covered Niseko back in 2014 and 2015 as well, but their latest looks at Niseko from a slightly different angle than your average ski resort write-up.

The Ultimate Ski Destination for Foodies!

If you've been to Niseko before, you will immediately smile and nod your head in agreement. Even if you've never been to Niseko, but you have been to Japan before, you likely can imagine just what Vogue was on about. Japan has an incredible culinary culture and Niseko, a world-famous ski destination, has really tapped into that culinary tradition.

Vogues first comparison is between North American ski resort slope-side cafeterias and those you find here in the Niseko area. Their article begins over a steamy bowl of seafood and crab leg ramen, while the North American counterparts are quoted as serving up plates of greasy fries, dry salads, and other unappealingly stale dishes. Beyond steamy seafood ramen, slope-side restaurants like the Ace Hill Cafe, Mountain Hut, and Tanta An in Grand Hirafu serve up some excellent Japanese and Western-style dishes to the same high standards you will find in any other Japanese restaurant.

And while the food on the slopes is amazing, there are an endless amount of excellent places in the Niseko United resorts and in the nearby towns that are as good and even better! The Niseko area is full of amazing restaurants to try, offering all kinds of different cuisines, from traditional Japanese sushi to Italian pizza or even Korean BBQ.

Due to it's strong culinary culture, Japanese restaurants have to meet a very high standard to stay in business. Thus, even lower-end restaurants often stack up highly against restaurants abroad. Middle-range restaurants here in Japan, too, can feel high-end and the truly luxury-style restaurants can be something incredible. In Hirafu, there is only one Michelin-starred restaurant, but there are a number of fine dining restaurants that fall within that level of service and quality across the resort regions and throughout the Niseko area.

Whether you are coming to Niseko on a tight budget or planning to spend each night out at the most expensive restaurants in the area, you are certainly in for plenty of delightful meal experiences. Niseko's food revolution has been something that we have been championing since our very first issue and we are glad to see that it is starting to become more visible internationally!

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