Where To Get Breakfast In Niseko During Spring, Summer, & Autumn

Take a look at where you can find breakfast when you come to Niseko this spring, summer, and autumn!

Over the last few years, the number of year-round businesses and restaurants here in Niseko has been steadily on the rise and now there are plenty to choose from. As breakfast is crucial to starting your day just right, we have put together a list of places where you can count on getting a good meal first thing in the morning. Here are a few places you can be sure to find breakfast around the major Niseko resorts.

Breakfast in the Hanazono area during spring, summer, and autumn

B.C.C. White Rock

B.C.C. White Rock is a small cafe run out along Route 343 in between Kutchan Town, Hanazono Resort, and Grand Hirafu Resort. It is affiliated with the larger White Rock Bakery, which creates a range of delicious baked goods from breads to pastries. The cafe is run by the main bakery proprietor's son and his partner and they operate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast they offer omelettes and sandwiches and it can be a really tough choice to make between the two.

Breakfast in the Grand Hirafu area during spring, summer, and autumn

An Dining

When you are in Grand Hirafu and looking for a feast, An Dining is an excellent place to hit up for breakfast! They offer a Japanese and Western combination style buffet breakfast, starting from 7:00 am each morning, ensuring you can really fill up on all the yummy breakfast items you like most! The restaurant closes for a short period in mid-May and late-October, but is otherwise open year-round.

*The breakfast buffet is typically available every day that the restaurant is open, but on days with low guest numbers can be changed to an a la carte breakfast menu.

Green Farm Cafe

Green Farm Cafe serves breakfast year-round, focusing on bringing fresh produce direct from the farm to customer during the green seasons. It isn't a surprise to find food picked that morning ending up on plates at Green Farm Cafe! They offer a range of seasonal and regular breakfast items and are open for lunch and dinner, too!

Koko Bakery & Coffee

Located on the second floor of the new Odin Place at the main intersection in the Hirafu Village, Koko is a take-away artisan bakery that serves up a storm of excellent baked goods and barista quality coffee for your morning caffeine and pastry fix! Open from 7:30 am until 16:00 pm from April to November, it is a great place to start your day, especially if you are an early riser keen on a light breakfast you can eat on the go. Muffins, croissant, quiches, tarts, and fresh bread all of which is freshly baked each morning and throughout the day, there is a range of delicious options to choose from. Ask the team to heat your pastries in the bakers oven whilst waiting for a coffee…


Also located on the second floor of the new Odin Place at the main intersection in the Hirafu Village, Mūsu is an all day Bar & Bistro, serving up breakfast, lunch, and evening tapas from 16:30 pm. Mūsu serves an extensive breakfast menu ranging from omelettes and eggs Benedict to quiches and breakfast toasted sandwiches! They also have a range of options perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth, including fruit-packed granola bowls, berry smothered pancakes, and whipped cream-topped waffle towers! Opening at 7:30am to 18:00 pm Mon – Thurs & Sun and to 22.00 pm on Fri & Sat, Mūsu is the ideal place for a leisurely breakfast; imbibe in a cup of barista quality coffee and a copy of the latest Experience Niseko magazine!


Open from 8:00 am each morning, Graubünden is a sandwich shop and cafe located in Izumikyo, just outside the main Hirafu village. With a range of breads and contents, you can put together a vast number of different combinations to create your perfect morning meal! Eat at the shop or take it to go, you can walk away with more than just a sandwich. Graubünden has a number of different sides that can be added to combo your sandwich and also a number of delicious cakes and other baked goods that can make for a lovely breakfast dessert or snack later in the day!

An Deli

An Dining's sister cafe, An Deli is located down the street from the main store on the first floor of the Landmark View Hotel. An Deli has a number of excellent gluten-free baked cookies, croissant, and other confectioneries to go along with your morning coffee. The cafe is open and spacious, with a children's area to keep the kids entertained while you have a quiet bite and relax. The cafe also regularly features small galleries and displays from local artists and artisans.

Breakfast in the Kutchan Town area during spring, summer, and autumn


Anyway Cafe is a new addition to the Niseko year-round restaurant scene having opened up just last summer. The casual cafe is located along the 343 back road between Kutchan Town and the Niseko resort area. The restaurant offers a number of pre-designed sandwich combinations, but also lets you take control choosing everything from your bread type to fillings. With a range of baked goods and great coffee as well, you can start your day off anyway you like! The cosy shop also has an excellent view of Mt Yotei, and you can enjoy the view from inside or out on their patio in the warmer weather.