What's On in July in Niseko

Enjoy the heat in the long summer days along with Niseko outdoor activities.

The month of July is outstanding for summer outdoor activities and with the longest hours of daylight, this makes it possible to enjoy the most of it in both day and night. Here is a list of summer activities in Niseko those should be added to the To-do List for the month of July.

Shakotan Fire Festival

Shakotan Fire Festival Hi Matsuri 2017 9

Shakotan Fire Festival at Shakotan

Shakotan is located in Shiribeshi subprefecture in Hokkaido and is really famous for it's breathtaking views. A great number of people visit Cape Kamui which is known to be Hokkaido's only sea peak. During summer, it is highly recommended to be a part of Shakotan Fire Festival which prays for fishermen to return home safely from sea and for big catches!

Date: Jul 4 - 6

Location: Shakotan

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Niseko Classic

Boardman Niseko Classic 2015

Niseko Classic in Niseko

To celebrate by attending Niseko Classic, the international cycling event which happens every year in Niseko. Join along to enjoy the cyclists race in the challenging course or just be there to enjoy non-stop summer celebrations, including food festivals, beer tents, live music, a fireworks display, taiko drums performances and more.

Date: Jul 6 - 7

Location: Niseko-Hirafu

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Iwanai Shrine Reitaisai Festival

Iwanai Matsuri Parade Koichi Matsuda Photo

Iwanai Shrine Reitaisai Festival at Iwanai Town

To participate in the 200 years old traditional festival which takes place in one of the oldest finishing towns in Hokkaido named Iwanai. Come and enjoy the festival and watch hundreds of people parading through town and port carrying two portable Shinto shrines known as mikoshi.

Date: Jul 7 - 9

Location: Iwanai Town

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Grand Hirafu Summer Gondola

Gcp 170906 128

Grand Hirafu Summer Gondola at Niseko Grand Hirafu

This summer take a deep breath of the clean fresh air and cool down by taking a relaxing ride on the Grand Hirafu Summer Gondola. Come and enjoy the panoramic view on the way up to the mountains. Reaching the top, take a selfie or just relax on one of the six Niseko Siesta beds which are especially installed for summer.

Date: Jul 14 - Sep 23

Location: Niseko Grand Hirafu

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Strider Enjoy Cup

Strider Event Tight Corner 4 In A Row

Strider Enjoy Cup at Hirafu

Participating in the fun day out with family and friends at this at this family-friendly cycling event. Competitions are open to children who can cycle and encourages young children to learn how to cycle and pick up the hobby of the increasingly popular Strider bikes.

Date: Jul 14 

Location: Hirafu

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