What's On In March 2017

Don't miss out on all the competitions and cultural events going on this March!


March crept up on us and is just a few days away. Hard to believe that it came so fast, but we ended February with a few nice dumps of snow so we can't really complain too much! March means spring is just around the corner and that means it is time for tonnes of spring savings! While winter isn't technically over, the savings start early. If you are here in the Niseko area this March and are interested in looking into what you can do, we have put together a bit of a calendar for you to take a look at. Don't forget to check our events page for what else is on! If you want to know what kinds of activities are good in the early and late spring, don't forget to head over to our full guide for what to do in spring, too!

Hina Matsuri Dolls Emperor Empress Topplatform Wikipedia 2011

A traditional display of an Emperor and Empress in front of a gold screen. Image taken from Wikipedia.

Hina Matsuri

Also called Girl's Day or Doll's Day, Hina Matsuri is a special celebration in Japan. Every year on March 3rd, often leading up to the date itself, great displays are set up in homes and businesses around Japan.

Upon a special platform, often with multiple levels, a red carpet is laid out and ornamental dolls representing an emperor and empress' court from the Heian period are set up. These doll collections are often passed down from generation to generation and can be incredibly old within some families. It can often take years and even generations to amass a large collection.

Location: All over! Local businesses will often have displays.

Date: 3 March 2017

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Ski Race Flags Red Blue Stock Image Pixabay

Someone working on their best time!

One Coin Time Challenge

Feeling like a friendly competition? There are prizes involved! Entrance fee is only 500 yen and you have 4 shots to walk away with a prize.

This isn't a speed-demon race, rather this is a precision race. The four prizes don't go to the four fastest competitors, rather they go to the four competitors who finish the time trial course closest to 20 seconds, 30 second, 40 seconds and 50 seconds. The catch is you can't bring a watch with you so don't even think about cheating!

Date: 5 March 2017

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White Day Spring March 14 Chocolates 563382 Pixabay

White Day

White Day is a special extension of western culture's Valentine's Day. On this special day, gentlemen are encouraged to purchase sweets or chocolates for their special someone. You will find supermarkets, convenience stores and department stores jam packed with special 'White Day' treats leading up to the day itself. This year, there is a special event happening over at the Annupuri International Ski Resort, swing by and let your loved one know you care with their 'love proclamation event'.

Location: Swing by Lucky or another Japanese supermarket or department store to see rows of White Day gifts and sweets

Date: 14 March 2017

Find Out More (Annupuri International Ski Resort's Love Proclamation Event)

Spring Mt Youtei Ski Competition

Skier competing in a spring time trial contest.

3rd Family Ski Championships

One more spring time competition. Like the One Coin Time Challenge earlier in the month of March, this one isn't about who skis or snowboards the fastest. Teams are made up of pairs, most teams are parent-child combos, but there are also older-partner combos as well. Both partners are timed on the course and the teams with the closest time between them win!

Date: 18 March 2017

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His Spring School Cropped

Children participating in an HIS spring seasonal class playing in the snow.

Hokkaido International School - Niseko Spring Seasonal School

Hokkaido International School's Niseko Campus is running two week-long spring camps for children this March. Give your children a chance to keep up on their math and English skills while they are learning to ski and enjoying the winter wonderland that is the Niseko area!

Sign them up for the full week or just a couple of days. Advanced registration required.


20 March 2017 - 24 March 2017

27 March 2017 - 31 March 2017

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More to come

There are always more events going on in the Niseko resorts. Make sure you check out our Events Page for the latest updates and to make sure you don't miss out!