One Coin Time Challenge

Try your hand at the 'One Coin Time Challenge' and see how close you can complete the time trial to the target times.

In this event, the prizes don't go to the fastest competitors, but to those who are closest to the four time targets. All competitors are welcome, children and adults.

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Date and Time

5 March 2017

9:00 am - 2:00 pm (Competition ends at 12:00 pm)


Fee: 500 yen per person (entry on the day)

Winning Conditions and Rules

The four people who have the recorded times that are closest to the time targets shall be declared the winners. (Time targets are 20 sec, 30 sec, 40 sec and 50 sec).

  • Event is subject to weather conditions. Can be canceled due to poor weather conditions.
  • Target times can be changed.
  • Course can be paused for maintenance.
  • Use of a stop watch during competition is prohibited.
  • Risk of injury or other trouble falls upon the competitors. The event organizers are not responsible for injury during competition.
  • Video and photos will be taken during the event and used for marketing purposes.
  • Official time-keeping malfunction is possible, in the event that a timing error the competitor will be notified.