What's On In Niseko In June 2017

Take a look at all of the wonderful ways to spend your time in Niseko during the month of June.

Daffodils Blooming Along The Pathway In June

Daffodil's blooming along the pathway up Sakura Hill in Niseko Town.

June is a stunning time to be in Niseko. With the weather warming up and all the snow melted away, there are plenty of activities to do and enjoy. Take a look at some of the activities and events that are starting or being held in the month of June!

2017 Hdr Shibazakura Mishima Sans Garden Kutchan Town 5

Postcards are made of summer scenes like these.


Swing by Mr. Mishima's shibazakura garden and take in 4,000 square metres of eye-popping pink flowers with Mt Yotei in the backdrop. It's free to walk through the garden and take as many photos as you like. Pose in front of the sweeping field of flowers and snap a selfie with Yotei if you like!

Location: Mr. Mishima's garden, Kutchan Town

Date: Across the month of June

Shinsen Numa June 30 2016 Summer Blue Sky Green Trees Mirror Marsh

Shinsen Numa's still marsh waters reflect the sky and clouds on a clear and sunny day.

Hiking Trails Open

The month of June is an exciting time for those looking to explore the many beautiful trails that run across Niseko's mountains and lowlands. Traditionally, trails are opened up at either the start or middle point of the month. Each major trail is typically opened with a small ceremony held at the trail head, before eager hikers head up the paths at the start of the hiking season.

Whether you plan to head off to one of the trail head ceremonies or are just looking to get some hiking in during your June trip, this is the month to do it in!

Location: Trail heads Niseko-wide

Date: Across the month of June

Cycling Tour

Taking a spin around Mt Yotei, don't worry if you don't have a bike, you can always rent!

Nature Ride Niseko

The Niseko Nature Ride is a fantastic way to get out and enjoy the Mt Yotei area. The competitive cycle takes riders from Kutchan Town's Asahigaoka Ski Area out and around Mt Yotei and through many of the Niseko area's most iconic landscapes. There are two main courses, one 110 km and the other 70 km, but there are also a number of shorter options for younger riders as well. Many local riders use the longer course as a warm-up to the Niseko Classic, which happens in July. The shorter course is primarily flat and is a great way to enter into competitive riding or long-distance riding. Experience Niseko on two-pedals with the Niseko Nature Ride.

Location: Starts at Asahigaoka Ski Area, Kutchan Town

Date: June 11, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Love Is In Niseko Single Mingle Spring April 2017

Love Is In Niseko Vol. 3

Meet new people, make new friends, maybe even meet the love of your life! Check out our event page for more details and don't be afraid to swing by the event.

Location: Ki Niseko Hotel

Date: June 17, 2017

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Cosplayer Pixabay Stock Lake Toya Example

Getting into the character!

Lake Toya Anime and Manga Festival

This two-day festival in the Lake Toya area could be a good excuse to make the trip out to the lovely Lake Toya area. Already a popular destination for a day trip, the Anime and Manga Festival is just one more reason to head over to the lake. Check out cosplayers, live panels with voice actors and authors and a number of other events throughout the weekend.

Location: Lake Toya Onsen Area

Date: June 24 - 25

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Iwanai Chinowa Kuguri Kanami Yoshida Photo

Iwanai Shrine's Chinowa Kuguri on June 30.

Chinowa Kuguri at Iwanai Shrine

Take a peak at a unique Shinto ritual that is held at shrines across the country. A special ring is constructed out of grasses and held up in the shrine. Walking through the ring is said to purify the body and spirit for the next half-year.

Location: Iwanai Shrine

Date: June 30

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Be sure to keep an eye on our website for more events and activities to look forward to over the month of June.