Strider Enjoy Cup

Niseko is hosting its first ever Strider Cup race! For the uninitiated, the Strider Cup® race series gives small children a chance to put their STRIDER® Balance Bike skills to the test at several stops across the US and worldwide. This unique race series caters directly to children 2-5 years old who want to experience the thrill of racing.

Children of all sizes and skill levels are welcome to participate. Admission is free for families and spectators.

Contact details

Strider Enjoy Cup Organizing Committee

Event information

Race: Strider Enjoy Cup


  • 2-year olds
  • 3-year olds
  • 4-year olds
  • 5-6-year olds*
*6 year-old racers must be in preschool

Limit: 400 entrants

  • Could be categorized with age on the day of the event
  • It will be closed if it reaches to the limit.
  • There will be no entries on the day for any races.

Fee: 3,000 JPY (includes administration costs). An additional 350 JPY charge may apply.

Parking: Free

For all the race information and regulations, click here.