An Interview With Yoga Instructor, Tsutomu Yonashiro

Learn more about Yoga in Niseko and why locals are practising.

The growing health and wellness community in Niseko has led to a flourishing yoga scene with a number of studios offering classes in the area. This has led to many world class yoga instructors to visit. 

We caught up briefly with Yoga instructor, Tsutomu Yonashiro to find out more about yoga and practising in Niseko.


Image: Tsutomu Yonashiro by Jacinta Sonja and Sanctuary Niseko.

Tsutomu studied traditional Ashtanga yoga at Yoga East Ashtanga Shala in the US, and thereafter, practiced with a number of teachers, including Nancy Gilgoff, a yoga pioneer. Tsutomu continues to advance his practice with Nancy and assists with her workshops in Europe and Japan. 

What is your favourite yoga pose?

All the poses! To receive benefit from Ashtanga yoga, we need to try the whole sequence. You can modify poses if you have difficulty because of physical restrictions.

Who usually comes to your classes?

All kinds of people. But often people with some kind of symptoms of illness, both physically or mentally.

How do you think yoga has changed you?

It has made me realise it’s okay to be me. That made me a happier person.

What do you like about teaching yoga in Niseko?

I like to share with people what I experienced through this method. I could start to accept myself, then started to accept other people, that eventually made me a happier person. 

​What advice do you have for people practising yoga for the first time here?

Just breathe! That’s all.

Tsutomu Yonashiro

Image: Tsutomu Yonashiro by Jacinta Sonja and Sanctuary Niseko.

Tsutomu has been coming to teach yoga in Niseko for the past three years. He will be teaching at Hirafu188 between the 23rd - 27th June. 

Venue: Hirafu188 5F event space

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