Best Fruit Picking Spots in Hokkaido

Enjoy the summer and delicious seasonal fruits on a fruit picking adventure in Hokkaido.

Eat as much delicious Japanese fruit as you want without worrying about the price, at one of Hokkaido's fruit picking farms. Choose between two different options: 90 minutes all you can pick and eat, or fill a small box with the fruit of your choice to take away.

Here is a list of places where you can enjoy fruit picking in Hokkaido during this summer season.

Niki Park


Niki Park is one of the most well known fruit picking farms in Hokkaido. Spanning across acres of farmland, the park also features a giant outdoor slide which gives riders a beautiful, unrestricted view of the entire town. 

Opening Hours: 9am - 6pm (Apr - Oct, closed for winter) 

Location: 16 Chome-121 Higashimachi, Niki-chō, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaidō 048-2411

Yamamoto Farm

Yamamoto Fruit Orchard

Located in Yoichi Town, Yamamoto Farm is one of the few fruit picking farms that welcome visitors to pick and mix a selection of fruits to take home during August and September. Whilst in the region, also try Yoichi Town's famous apple pie.

Opening Hours: 9am - 5pm (Apr - Nov, closed for winter)

Location: Yamamoto Farm, Yoichi cho, Yoichi gun, Hokkaido, 046-0002 

Jozankei Farm

Jozankei Farm

The town of Jozankei is famous for onsens and autumn colours. But one of its lesser known attractions is the Jozankei orchard farm. Located near the Hoheikyo Dam, the farm grows strawberries in the early summer, and other fruits such as cherries and grapes later in the year. In fact, with picking available until November, you can enjoy seasonal fruits here all year round. There is also a small fishing pond perfect for children, and with paved, wide footpaths for the fruit picking, this is a great family-friendly day out.  

Opening Hours: April-October 9:00 am–4:00 pm 

                             November-March 10:00 am–3:00 pm (Monday closed)

Location: Jozankei Farm, Jozankei 832, Minami-ku, Sapporo

Asadaen Farm

Asadaen Farm

Take Route 5 from Niseko to Yoichi to reach the Asadean Farm. This farm slash market specialises in plums. In particular, pickled plums made by soaking bungo plums in perilla leaves and salt. You can purchase the fruit you pick at an affordable price when you leave. 

Opening Hours: April-October 9:00 am–4:00 pm 

Location: Asadaen Farm, Kurokawacho, Yoichi, Yoichi District, Hokkaido 046-0003

Maruzen Sato Orchard

Maruzen Sato Orchard

The long-standing Maruzen Sato Orchard has certainly stood the test of time. In fact, for over 100 years, they've been harvesting a variety of fruits including peaches, pears and apples. From April through October, enjoy fruit picking in the fields, or simply pick up a juice or a jam from the souvenir shop!

Opening Hours: April-October 9:00 am–4:00 pm 

Location: Maruzen Sato Orchard, Mashike District, Mashike, Hokkaido 077-0216


Looking for more things to do during summer? Get ready for this seasons biggest festival, the Jaga Matsuri 2019.