Best Hotpot Dishes in Town

Food connects people. Organise a hotpot meal session with your family or friends in Niseko.

Enjoy the warm and comforting hotpot dishes and have a great time with family or friends. Here are some of our favourite hotpot places in Hirafu village, Niseko. Taste authentic Japanese shabushabu and sukiyaki with juicy wagyu beef or try an oriental style hotpot for a different experience.


Sessa offers a luxury hotpot experience with wagyu beef sourced only from where it is well-known for including Kobe, Kagoshima and Hokkaido. 

Sessa Lr 05302

Sukiyaki comes with a side vegetables at Sessa.

During dinner, the restaurant offers a full-course hotpot menu. Try the chef's recommendation of sukiyaki with rich and tender Hokkaido wagyu, or shabushabu with assorted local seafood that has a simple yet flavourful taste. 

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Yo Kaiseki

Yo Kaiseki Shabushabu 3

Main course Shabushabu at Yo Kaiseki.

From an authentic Japanese setting, to a traditional kaiseki (Japanese full-course dining) served by staffs dressed in casual kimono, it does not get any more Japanese than Yo Kaiseki. The 'Basic Shabu-shabu' course with 'Premium Beef Upgrade' is one of the popular choice in the restaurant which comes with a sizzling stone pot. Indulge yourself by dipping fresh vegetables and wagyu into the broth, together with a tasty cup of sake within the warm and relaxed atmosphere.

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Niseko Sakura

Niseko Sakura Lr 17

Shabushabu at Niseko Sakura with cuts of wagyu beef and fresh vegetables.

Niseko Sakura is a shabushabu restaurant located in central of Hirafu village with a modern and intimate atmosphere. The restaurant provides a premium selection of wagyu beef including ones from Kobe, Matsuzaka and Hokkaido, all prepared fresh which you can tell by its marbling. Sakura also serves a fresh seafood platter which means diners can get the best of both worlds of sushi and wagyu.

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Hokkaido Milk Soup Base And Fish Maw Soup

Ryunabe's Hokkaido milk soup and fish maw soup base.

Ryunabe is specialised in Chinese hotpot dishes and it is the perfect spot to go to especially after a whole day of being up on the mountain. Resembling Cantonese style hotpot, Ryunabe prepares its soup base by simmering for over 36 hours in low heat to ensure ultimate flavors are extracted. Try their unique Hokkaido milk soup base which brings hotpot to a whole new level, the milk interestingly works well with meat and vegetables with its mild flavour. 

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