Fruit Picking Nearby Niseko

Try out one of Niseko's top green season activities, just a short drive away.

Famous for fresh produce all year round, fruit picking in Hokkaido is a popular afternoon activity among locals and tourists. During the summer season, feast on a buffet of fruits and enjoy the outdoors at one of the many fruit picking farms close to Niseko. 

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Fruit picking farms usually offer two options to visitors: 90 minutes all you can pick and eat option or fill a small box with the fruit of your choice.

Here is a list of tasty fruits which will ripen all through the warmer months:

Fruits Picking

Niki Park

Niki Park is one of the most well known fruit picking farms in Hokkaido. Spanning across acres of farmland, the park also features a giant outdoor slide which gives riders a beautiful, unrestricted view of the entire town. 

Opening Hours: 9am - 6pm (Apr - Oct, closed for winter)

Location: 16 Chome-121 Higashimachi, Niki-chō, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaidō 048-2411

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Yamamoto Farm

Located in Yoichi Town, Yamamoto Farm is one of the few fruit picking farms that welcome visitors to pick and mix a selection of fruits to take home during August and September. Whilst in the region, also try Yoichi Town's famous apple pie.

Opening Hours: 9am - 5pm (Apr - Nov, closed for winter)

Location: Yamamoto Farm, Yoichi cho, Yoichi gun, Hokkaido, 046-0002 

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Interested in going fruit picking? Make sure to take your Experience Niseko Passport Card to receive a special discount at Niki Farm.