What to Eat in August

This month savour refreshing "water sweets" in Niseko.

Fruits are also called mizugashi (water sweets) as it was considered a sweet dessert as well as a luxury item in the past. As a common custom to give fruit as a gift in Japan, fruits are often sweeter, juicer and of higher quality than western countries. 

In particular, Niseko's climate is perfect to grow some of the tastiest fruits. In the peak of summer, taste fresh, healthy "water sweets" and feel instantly refreshed.  

Close Up Delicious Fruit 1068534


Mass produced in Kyowa Town, play suika wari, a watermelon splitting game this summer. A blindfolded person will try to split a watermelon by hitting the fruits hard exterior with a wooden stick while others yell out instructions about where to strike. 

We're all taught not to play with our food but this should be an exception.  



As one of the most iconic fruits in Hokkaido to consume in the summer, taste melon in all its different forms. Try fresh melon on its own by purchasing a slice or the whole fruit at Lucky or MaxValue. Alternatively, munch on the soft buns with melon cream paste at Seicomart or cool down with shaved ice topped with fresh melon at Cafe909.  

Peach Momo


Take a satisfying bite into a juicy Japanese white peach. The soft skin is easy to peel and reveals the fruit's sweet white flesh. Buy the delicious fruit from local supermarkets or try out peach ice lollies and other themed desserts around Niseko this month.

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