Going Green in Niseko

Temperate climate, crisp spring water and nutrient rich volcanic soil makes Niseko’s fresh-tasting, bright vegetables a must try when visiting in the green season.

Fresh seasonal produce is better for many reasons: taste, texture, appearance, nutrition and the environment. We're celebrating World Environment Day by sharing some of Niseko's most popular "green" food experiences. A vibrant bounty of healthy, yet delicious cuisine  is becoming summer’s main attraction for foodies the world-over.

Niseko Green Farm Tomatoes


Prativo, meaning “meadow” in Italian was created to embody an image of Hokkaido to diners. Restaurant Hall Manager, Minoru Endou explains this concept. 

 “Hokkaido equals vast land, fresh air, delicious dairy and delicious vegetables. You can find that here in Prativo, with an expansive view of Mt Yotei whilst tasting fresh Hokkaido vegetables and dairy produce,” Endou says.

Famous for their vegetable lunch buffet, the chefs at Prativo cook each dish with a goal to highlight the natural flavours of local produce through simplistic cooking methods and minimal seasoning.

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​Natural Food En

Natural Food En is a dining experience to reconnect with nature, reset from work and to get re-inspired. A mindfulness retreat through food, owners Atsushi Maruyama and Shiori Maruyama decided to open their restaurant in Niseko because of the area’s ability to grow deliciously nutritious seasonal produce. 

Serving a set menu based on seasonal produce, Atsushi is committed to using organic vegetables from Niseko. Taking inspiration from traditional Japanese cooking, the set menu served at Natural Food En celebrates the abundant harvests in Niseko through simple cooking and fermentation methods. 

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Niseko Green Farm

Providing farm-fresh produce, Niseko Green Farm was established with an aim to introduce more people to the beauty of Niseko in the summer. Niseko Green Farm sticks to organic farming and does not use any chemicals. 

Niseko Green Farm’s pizza making workshop is an eye-opening experience for guests coming from urban cities who have never been on a farm. Guests from Hong Kong, Singapore and mainland Japan are often surprised by the difference in size, colour and taste compared to vegetables bought from supermarkets.

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Pura Tempeh Co.

Pura Tempeh Co. is paving the way for more vegan options in Niseko. Tempeh, a fairly new concept in Japan is a traditional soy product from Indonesia made by culturing and fermenting soybeans. 

Matt Stormont and Emily Lobsinger first decided to make their very own tempeh after they saw a lack of vegan options while eating out in izakayas. “Emily wanted to provide something for the vegan and vegetarian community. For me, I like to give people the option of not eating meat,” Stormont says. 

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Green Farm Deli Cafe Roaster

Returning in a new and improved form, ever-popular Green Farm Cafe has reopened as Green Farm Deli Cafe Roaster within Shiki building. Created by local food legend Dennis van den Brink, serving food from farm to fork has always been at the centre of his philosophy. 

In summer, expect to see dishes highlighting locally grown produce including summertime salads, vegetable baguettes and sandwich options. All menus incorporate vegetarian and vegan options with fresh fruits and juices sourced from neighbouring areas like Yoichi, a town famous for producing seasonal fruits.

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