Meet Niseko's "Stationmaster" Hardy

From the heartwarming story of Hachiko, the loyal dog that moved Japan, Niseko now has its very own famous Akita dog.

Japan has always had a reputation for having wonderful tales of animals. Located in the beautiful Hokkaido mountains, Niseko is no exception to this notion. Recently, Niseko welcomed the first honorary stationmaster, Akita breed dog, Hardy. 

Cafe Nupuri 8 3 18 Low Res 7

Akita dog, Hardy with her customised stationmaster cap.

Three month old Akita dog, Hardy has recently been given the title as stationmaster for her hard work at Niseko Station. She comes to the station every day with her owners at Cafe Nupuri, located within the station. Since birth, Hardy has been spotted lazing around the outside dining area of the cafe.

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Taking a quick break from her duties and the sun. 

Naturally curious and friendly, she began to greet commuters and visitors around the area. Capturing the hearts of the local community, JR Rail made the decision to award the Akita dog with the honorary status of stationmaster. 

Cafe Nupuri 8 3 18 Low Res 5

Hardy's customised cap, issued officially by JR Rail. 

Want to meet Hardy? Find her outside Niseko Station and while you're there grab a delicious lunch from Cafe Nupuri

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