Your 2018 Niseko Summer Bucket List

Complete your stay in Niseko by doing these nine things.

In the peak of summer, there is so much to do and see in Niseko. Home to great natural landscapes and wildlife, Niseko is even more exciting with traditional local events taking place in the sunny weather. Here is our bucket list of things you should do when in town. How many will you tick off this summer?

#1 Feed Ostriches

Niseko Ostrich Farm 4

Feed a group of hungry ostriches at Niseko Ostrich Farm by buying a pack of ostrich snacks for ¥100. Watch the birds stroll around with their sharp toe nails while they turn their long necks. 

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#2 Hike Mt Yotei

Yotei And Potato Flowers 15Edit

Hiking Yotei is an absolute must when visiting Niseko. During the summer, all the flowers will be in bloom on the way to the peak, making this a scenic journey. 

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#3 Attend a Matsuri


Immerse yourself in Japanese culture by celebrating traditional festivals together with locals. Feast on delicious street food, play games such as Superball Sukui (Save the bouncy ball), Yo-yo Tsuri (Yo-yo Scooping) and more! 

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#4 Watch Fireworks

Hirafu Matsuri Summer 2017 Evening Events 5118 Firework Fireworks

Watch one of the many magnificent firework displays which take place around Niseko during summer. Head to Lake Toya for their daily evening firework display or attend this year's Niseko Firework Festival.

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#5 Try the Ice Cream at Milk Kobo

Milk Kobo

Niseko is home to several dairy farms and freshly churned ice cream is one of many summer pleasures. With its vast farmlands and Yotei views, Milk Kobo is one of the best-known summer stops in Niseko and its soft serve ice cream is a favourite among locals. 

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#6 Star Gazing

Starry Sky in Niseko

With clear dark skies in the evening and no haze during the summer nights, Niseko is perfect for star gazing. Take the gondola up to the mountains and enjoy the night sky full of stars.

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#7 Onsen

Goshiki Onsen Outdoor Pool 1 Rotenburo

A trip to Niseko is not complete without trying one of the many natural hot springs in the area. We recommend going to Goshiki Onsen or Makkari Onsen for an amazing, clear view of Mt Yotei. 

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#8 Eat Cold Noodles

Soba Noodles

Cool down like the locals do by trying cold noodles, a popular summer meal in japan. Eat cold soba or udon noodles dipped in a light soy sauce topped with spring onions. Try at Teuchi-soba Ichimura

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#9 Fruit Picking

Strawberry Picking Fruits Fresh Hokkaido Produce 1143768

Well known for fresh local produce, the fruit in Hokkaido is sweet and juicy. Walk around a fruit orchard and pick the plumpest fruits to take home with you. During the summer months, taste cherries, strawberries, grapes, plum and more! Great as a day trip out.

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