Oakley Prizm Inferno: Literally 2016’s Hottest Goggle

Oakley's new 2016 Prizm Inferno google is perfect for taking on Niseko winter conditions.

The fact is if you can’t see, you can’t ski (or snowboard for that matter). Goggle fogging is a problem that has plagued snowsports enthusiasts throughout the ages. Oakley has answered the call with its most advanced lens system ever. The Oakley Prizm Inferno includes a self-heating lens that operates in the same way your car’s demister does, by passing an electric current through the lens itself. Sounds great in theory but will this goggle stand up to the test when you need it most?

Oakley Inferno Is Perfect For Taking On Niseko Conditions

Imagine shredding powder like this with a pair of Oakley's Prizm Inferno!

Heating technology aside, the goggle uses Oakley’s Prizm lens system which has already proven to be one of the most versatile, accurate and light sensitive models on the market. The lenses have superior control over the transmission of light and colour, giving skiers and snowboarders more contrast and therefore enhanced visibility. The Prizm Inferno lens is only available in the Line Miner goggle, which offers excellent peripheral vision thanks to its cylindrical design. They’re also easily interchangeable, so can cover a broad spectrum of lighting conditions.

The difference between this anti-fog technology and older, fan-style technology is that this system fights fog before it’s even a possibility. Once the element is turned on, it will maintain a constant temperature, thus eliminating the kind of environment that normally results in fogging. The element is powered by an external battery pack that’s designed to adapt well to a helmet. A two-button functionality allows users to choose if they wish the Inferno to be activated all day or for a three minute heating cycle. A slight tremor from the ‘Haptic Vibration’ will let users know when the system is functioning and also when there’s less than 20% battery life.

The battery is rechargeable via a micro USB connector, which means it can be charged using a wall unit, car charger, computer charger or USB battery pack. A fully charged battery will last six hours. Perhaps the only downfall of this product is the added bulk of this battery, which sits on the outside of the strap above the user’s ear. While Oakley has gone to every effort to make it as streamlined as possible, it’s still added paraphernalia that skiers and snowboarders may find bothersome. Especially if valuable noggin-space is already being taken up by a POV camera.

Without a doubt this goggle is going to be hot property on the slopes of Niseko’s resorts this 2016/2017 season. It’s available from Rhythm Snowsports and retails at YEN 35000.