Skye Niseko Timelapse Project

Skye Niseko have commissioned local photographic legend Glen Claydon to create a timelapse project showing the progress of construction. Only a month in and already it is compulsive viewing!

Glen Claydon is one of our favourite people in Niseko (probably the world) thanks to his incredible photography which featured heavily in the first edition of the Experience Niseko magazine (see more about that here).

However, his latest project is pretty fun too. Even though we are only a month into construction of Skye Niseko it's already providing an interesting glimpse into the process of putting up a big hotel in the mountains!

And of course it raises lots of questions - who is the driver of the silver car and what do they do? What's going to happen when the snow comes? Who will be the first person caught on high-speed camera doing something daft?

No doubt all will be answered soon enough!

Head to Glen's website to also have some fun playing with his slider image where you can see the changes over the past month.

Gcp Skye

Check out the slider on Glen's website