Spring Blooms Around Niseko

Spring flowers painting Niseko in different colours.

In the midst of a warm spring in Niseko, many spring flowers have reached full bloom. Flowers are culturally significant in Japan with a special meaning given to each in the Japanese language of flowers. Here are some of the beautiful flowers currently blooming around Niseko and their mystique.

Japanese Wood Poppy

Flowers Blooming And Cows 1 Rs

Typically growing between 7-8 centimetres, the Japanese wood poppy is found across parts of Japan. It normally comes in a variation of purple, yellow and red. 

Meaning:  Feeling of love, Compassion, Cheerful and Gentleness



Thriving in cool climates of Niseko, Azalea can be spotted on the mountain slopes growing slowly to a few metres tall. 

Meaning: Temperance, Fragility, Care for yourself


Yellow Violets Oobakisumire

Growing in forest floors and meadows, Oobakisumire are a type of wild yellow violets.

Meaning: Rural Happiness, Pleasure



Also known as Japanese dogtooth violet, the flower has a long bulb and comes in shades of purple, pink and yellow. 

Meaning: First love


2017 Hdr Shibazakura Mishima Sans Garden Kutchan Town 2

Shibazakura are a type of pink moss flower which grows thickly on the ground. Blooming across Japan during the spring months, the flower covers the ground in shades of pink.

Meaning: Agreement, Match

Interested in seeing some shibazakura? Visit Mr Mishima's Garden in Kutchan Town.