Kutchan's Famous Shibazakura Garden

Mr Mishima's Garden is a must see sight in Kutchan during May.

Every year, visitors come from around the area to see the impressive Shibazakura (pink moss flower) garden in Kutchan Town. Privately owned and managed by Mr Kazuo Mishima, the garden spreads across 4000㎡  of land with a stunning view of the Mt Yotei in the background. Over the years, the garden has become one of Kutchan Town's must see sights during May. 

Shibazakura is a type of flower that grows thickly, covering the ground like a lawn. The shape of the flower petals resembles sakura (cherry blossoms) and comes in a variety of colours including shades of pink, purple and white. The contrast between yellow rape blossoms, shades of pink moss flowers with Mt Yotei in the background is a sight to see!

Kindly opening the garden to public, Mr Mishima's garden is free for anyone to visit. However, as it is located in a private residence, there is no parking lot. We recommend using the nearby Wanpaku Square or Asahigaoka Park parking lot.

Mr Mishima's Shibazakura Garden

Full bloom:Late May - Mid June 

Location: 51 Asahi, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 044-0083

More information: Kutchan Town Tourism

Here are some of the images taken by visitors over the last year!

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