What to Eat April in Niseko

Enjoy the flavours of spring during this month as wild mountain vegetables sprout.

It's feeling a lot like spring in Niseko with small green tips of wild plants and flowers starting to appear through the snow. Take the chance to enjoy in season mountain vegetables from Hokkaido in April.  



Often seen as the first sign of spring for locals, Fukinoto is a common mountain vegetable that grows throughout Hokkaido. Spot them along the roads, at the bottom of the slopes and fields. Best eaten as a tempura or in a stir fry.


Horsetail 2296440 960 720From Pixabay

Tsukushi, otherwise known as Japanese Horsetail grows throughout Japan during the spring months in the wild. Smaller stalks of the plant have a firmer texture and is more flavourful. Simply boil or sautée with miso or a savoury sauce.


Ferns Unfurling In May Too Late To Pick Them As Fiddleheads

Kogomi is a type of wild ostrich fern native to Japan. Usually found in shaded parts of the forest close to well drained slopes, taste the plant as a tempura or lightly fried. 


Katakuri Flowers

Blooming at higher altitudes on the mountain, Katakuri flowers add colour to the slopes during spring time. The leaves and flower are edible raw or cooked. 

Looking for some spring fun? Make sure to hit the slopes while listening to our Spring Shredding Playlist!