Track Your Ski Stats

Ever wish to know how far you skied on a given day? Well, you can here in Niseko!

Boy Skiing In Spring

Hey mum, I skied twice as far as you today!

Do you know that satisfying *beep* that happens when you pass through the gates at the lift? Well there's actually a whole lot of stuff going on when the gate chimes you through. Niseko United is a part of Skiline, an organisation that helps skiers and snowboarders track their stats at over 240 resorts worldwide.

What is Skiline?

Skiline can automatically record all of your vertical metres, overall distance and the number of times you've caught each lift.

You can use Skiline to compare your slope time day-to-day, trip-to-trip and season-to-season.

Rider on King Quad Lift #3 at Grand Hirafu

Ride number 15 today. See you up at the top, friends!

How to get started

If you just want to check your stats once and be done with it, all you have to do is go to the Skiline website, find your resort and enter the bar code number on your lift pass.

If you are interested in tracking your stats over a long time, you will want to create an account with them.

The easiest way to create an account is to link either your Facebook profile or Google account to Skiline. This also makes logging in much easier.

From there, you can select your language and region. Skiline offers support in a number of different languages.

When you are at a ski resort that is linked with Skiline (such as any of the Niseko United resorts), simply add your lift ticket's barcode number to your Skiline account.

Skiline Season Stats Example 1

What a day on the slopes might look like on your skiline account.

Skiline tracks the lifts you catch, calculating your approximate ski time based on the time between ride up.

It records all of the resort names and lift names in their native language, so the Niseko and all of its lifts come up in Japanese (which might make it a bit tough for some users).

You can find Niseko United by filtering the search by country, and then finding ニセコスキー場 (Niseko Ski Jo) listed under Japan.

Skiline Season Stats Example

What your season breakdown might look like on Skiline.

Why sign up?

Because it's fun! You can use Skiline as a tool to measure your improvement or you can challenge your friends and family to see who can ski the most next holiday!

Here are a few of our suggested challenges if you plan on starting a family feud:

Holiday Challenge #1) Distance Champion

  • See who skis the furthest!

Holiday Challenge #2) Vertical Master

  • Find out who skied the most vertical metres (not always the Distance Champion).

Holiday Challenge #3) Rider of Many Lifts

  • Discover who spends the most time on the lifts.

Holiday Challenge #4) Mr/Ms Efficiency

  • Divide your overall distance by the number of lift rides you took to see who rides the furthest each time they catch a lift up the mountain.

Holiday Challenge #5) Lazy Luncher

  • See who takes the longest lunch breaks! You can usually tell as there is a super long line somewhere in the middle of the day making it look like it took an hour or two to get down on one of your runs.

Holiday Challenge #6) Reigning Champion

  • Go for gold and try to get as many vertical meters in within the span of a day as you can. Skiline displays the top 100 for the previous/current season.
Skiline Niseko Top 100 Vertical Metres 2016 17