What to Eat in May

Taste and enjoy the month of "Golden Sunshine" in Japan.

As we enter into spring, the variety in fresh produce slowly increases. During May, locals in Niseko can enjoy an abundance of fruits, in particular one which is given the name "Golden Sunshine". Find out what it is and why below.  

Golden Sunshine

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Grown as a rotation crop, "Golden Sunshine" is a type of kiwifruit that has flesh which is yellow rather than green. Due to the vibrant yellow colour and beautiful appearance, it is also known as "SunGold" or "Gold Kiwi". It is stronger in sweetness and less sour compared to the typical kiwi from the West. They can be purchased in supermarkets such as Lucky and Co-Op in  Kutchan Town until early-mid May. 

Kiwi Parfait

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Using Hokkaido produced milk and ice cream, parfait in Niseko can never go wrong. Layer heavy whipped cream and ice cream in between fresh kiwi and other fruits in a tall clear glass to create your own parfait. Add sponge cake to create more texture. 

Kiwi Jam

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Kiwi jam is a great way of enjoying the fruit on the go and during other seasons. Spread the jam across some scones or plain baked bread. Make this at home or purchase this at local supermarkets such as Lucky or Co-op.

Kiwi Yoghurt

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Adding fresh fruit to yoghurt is a common breakfast option for children in Japan and is a healthy dessert after meals. We recommend adding a small teaspoon of honey to the mix too.  

"SunGold" kiwi are in season between late winter and spring. Enjoy them during early May with fresh yoghurt, over parfait, in jam or by simply itself!

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