5 Tips to Stay on a Rodeo Longer

If you've stayed in Niseko over this summer, you have already seen an innocent looking sheep! Come to ride on the rodeo!

With levels ranging from 1 to 5, the rodeo is a good laugh and fun for the whole family. Lower levels are fun and enjoyable for the kids and the higher levels 4 and especially 5 are a really challenging mission for adventurous adults!

You probably don't want to end up like this rodeo rider!

Ki Niseko Rodeo 3

Or this one!

Ki Niseko Rodeo 1


Hidde Hagemen Hirafu Matsuri 2016 Child Riding Ki Rodeo

Believe it or not, only a few brave souls have made it up to level 5, although everyone had the same smile on their face! From my own experience, watching how successful riders rode on it and doing some research, here are 5 simple tips of "How to stay on a rodeo longer" which I hope will help you to complete the mission and check it off your bucket list.

5 Tips:

1. Hold the rope with two hands, you will not be able to stay on it long with one hand (believe me!).

2. Relax your upper body. Don't force yourself against the movement of the rodeo. Lean back when the sheep moves down and forward when he/she moves upward.

3. If you don't want to get dizzy, don't even think about looking around and wave your hands to your friends! Watch the head of the innocent sheep to avoid dizziness and maintain balance.

4. Don't go with an empty stomach and at the same time don't eat too much before you jump on the rodeo... you can imagine what might happen!

5. Make sure you have smile across your face while riding and feel free to change to an angry face when you want to stop!

Last tip from the rodeo team: please do make sure to ride responsibly and if you are not in tip-top condition, maybe wait until the rodeo's next appearance to give it a go!

Rodeo Roadshow Schedule:

DateEvent and Venue
August 24Hirafu Festival @ Sun Sports Land Kutchan
August 28Strider Race @ Hirafu Gondola
September 4NAC Trail Run @ Hirafu Gondola
October 8Ki Niseko special day @ Ki Niseko
October 29Ki Niseko Halloween @ Ki Niseko

Special thanks go to Ki Niseko who decided to buy this rodeo to make summer in Niseko more fun (and more challenging)!

If any local businesses would like to have the rodeo at their event, please contact [email protected]