Ready, set, go! Niseko Marathon Festival - 34 years and counting.

The 34th Niseko Marathon Festival will take place on September 18th, 2016.

It is reported that there was roughly 1900 marathon races throughout Japan in year 2015.

Yes, probably the famous ones are the Tokyo Marathon or the Nagoya Women's Marathon, which both are on the IAFF's (International Association of Athletics Federations) yearly "Gold Label" marathon competitions.

In Hokkaido, the most famous and popular one probably is the Hokkaido Marathon, which is held every August and attracts over 15,000 participants.

Though the number of participants may be smaller, there is a marathon race here in Niseko that will count it's 34th year this year on September 18th, 2016. That is the NISEKO MARATHON.

The 34th year will be celebrated with 1,555 runners and thousands more locals cheering and rooting to the participants. While the event name is a "marathon," the longest distance for this event is half-marathon, 21.09km. This is because the event began not as a race but more for locals to keep fitness and health.

For those beginner runners, you can take part in the 10km or the 4km race. For those who has just began jogging, join the 3.5km race and have a good jog!

If you missed the registration, make your way to the Niseko Town Athletics Center where there will be lots of local food and drink you can enjoy while you wait for your family/friend to cross the finish line!