First Timers Guide to Tree-trekking in Niseko

Tips and tricks for trying out tree-trekking for the first time in Niseko.

Tree-trekking is one of the increasingly popular summer activities in Niseko. The activity allows participants to explore Niseko from tree high while clearing many obstacles and zip lines throughout the journey. To find out more about tree-trekking, we visited NAC Adventure park which opened last winter and tried it out ourselves. Here are some tips and tricks we found useful. 

Don't be afraid to fall

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The gear used at NAC Adventure park is designed with the safety of guests first. A harness is worn throughout the entire adventure while the clever magnetic clips will prevent you from falling. When switching between courses only one metal clip can be released away from the wire at any time, meaning you will always be attached to the course no matter what. Trust the gear. 

Go at your own pace

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There are five levels of difficulties to choose from at NAC Adventure Park: yellow, green, blue, red and black (from easiest to the most difficult). Yellow and green routes can be easily cleared by young children and the average adult. Whilst the blue routes feature more obstacles and longer zip lines to tackle. For more of a challenge, try the red and black routes. Only 15 people have managed to clear the black route so far!

Use your entire body

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Many people tree-trekking for the first time will rely heavily on their upper body strength to make it through the route. Instead, trust your feet and the sturdy wooden platforms. This will make the course less tiring and help you clear it faster. 

Make use of the gloves

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Provided with strong duty gloves, these will be your best friends throughout the course. Feel free to firmly grasp on to the wire, ropes and tree trunks without loosing grip. The gloves will also prevent you from getting painful splinters.  

Enjoy the height

The courses vary between 5 - 13 metres high, all providing an absolutely fantastic view from the tree tops. Enjoy the view while taking a short break between obstacles, travelling on the zip line or down the vertical drop.  

NAC Adventure Park

Runs daily from 9am - 5pm (Summer Hours)

Location: NAC Adventure Park, Yamada, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 044-0081

More information: NAC Adventure Park or watch our video here.

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