Four Faces of Mt Yotei in the Summer

A closer look into Mt Yotei, Niseko's famous landmark at four cardinal points.

Seen from a far distance away, Mt Yotei is the most famous landmark in Niseko. Locals call it the Mt Fuji of Hokkaido and is listed in 100 Famous Japanese Mountains. Changing over the seasons, Mt Yotei is different from every angle. Here are four faces of Mt Yotei captured this summer.  

North Face of Mt Yotei

North Face Of Yotei Low Res

Selected based on history, grace and individuality, Mt Yotei has earned its deserving spot on 100 Famous Japanese Mountains, a book written to celebrate the mountainous landscape in Japan. 

East Face of Mt Yotei

East Face Of Yotei Low Res

Owing to its symmetry, Mt Yotei is also known as Ezo Fuji, which translates to old Hokkaido's Mt Fuji. 

South Face of Mt Yotei

South Face Of Yotei Low Res

Standing at 1893m tall, hiking Mt Yotei is popular summer activity. The south side of Mt Yotei is the most common approach to hiking the dormant volcano.  

West Face of Mt Yotei

West Face Of Yotei Low Res

Mt Yotei's definitive ridges can even be seen through the beautiful green season in Niseko.  

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