HARU, the Biggest Bakery in Town

The latest addition to the food scene in Niseko.

Having only opened for two weeks, Stone Kiln Bakery HARU is already a local gathering spot with many coming from all over the area to purchase their freshly baked goods. Here's what's special about the new bakery in town. 

Yotei Spring Water

The new bakery in Niseko Town is operated by the same owners of Wakimakizu no Sato, a famous tofu shop in Makkari Town. HARU also uses spring water in their freshly baked pastries. This changes the dough during the fermentation process and creates a unique texture. 

Haru Bakery 11 Edit

Made from Scratch

From kneading the flour, fermentation and baking the final product, the entire process begins from scratch every morning. To maintain the alluring warm wheat aroma, nothing is put into the fridge and no preservatives are added. 

Stone Kiln

Using stone kilns to bake, HARU meticulously controls the temperature of the oven and ensures the heat can be evenly spread across the dough. This creates a crispy, firm exterior but maintaining the moist inside.

Stone Kiln Bakery HARU

Location: 048-1544 Hokkaidō, Abuta-gun, Niseko-chō, Motomachi

Opening hours: Every day 8 am - 6 pm (Closed Tuesday)

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