Summer Fresh: Niseko's Spring Water

Stay cool this summer by tasting Japan's best spring water in Niseko.

Listed in the top 100 remarkable water sources of Japan, spring water in Niseko is a top attraction during summer. Here, the spring water is gathered daily by locals and attract tourists from around the world to visit. Check out the spots below.

Fukidashi Park

Fukidashi Park May 31 2018 Low Res 2

Gushing out over 80,000 tonnes of water each day, Fukidashi Park has the largest spring in Niseko area. Flowing down from Mt Yotei, the purified water is collected by locals in large bottles due to its crisp taste. The spring water here is used to create delicious cold coffee, jelly and alcohol. Take a walk in this large scenic park while appreciating nature and the crystal clear water.  

Yoteizan no Wakimizu

Makkari Spring Water Low Res May 2018 1

Located in Makkari Town, the spring water from Yoteizan no Wakimizu is slightly softer in taste and mellow. Here, the spring water is famously used by local stores to create tofu. Wakimizu no Sato, sells an assortment of tofu related products and offers sample of each. We recommend trying out their tofu doughnuts as well as cheese tofu.

Niseko Sakamoto Park

Niseko Sakamoto Park Spring Water 3

Niseko Sakamoto Park is home to Kanro-sui, a spring which is rumoured to have been visited by the Showa Emperor. Locals use the water to make coffee and cook rice while cafes around the area use the spring water for baking. 

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