Weird and Wonderful Park Golf

Take a swing at the unusual sport that was invented in Hokkaido and loved by locals in Niseko.

Park golf is an unmissable sport and a fun way to experience Japanese culture when visiting Niseko. Created as a cross between golf and croquet, the game is simple and fun for all ages. Try the weird and wonderful sport in Niseko today. 

Park Golf Club and Ball

Invented as a game for all ages, the rules are simple. Hit the ball into the hole with the special club with the fewest number of strokes to win. The club is comparably shorter and thicker to a normal golf club and helps with aiming. 

Park golf courses are usually found in designated parks with different terrains to make it easy for beginners and challenging for skilled golf parkers. The difficulty of the game also varies by the length of the course, layout of the fairway, bunkers, obstacles and out of bounds. 

To begin, stand behind the white line and aim. Make sure your left thumb is on the centre of the grip and hold firmly. The hold should be firm but not too tight. Feel victorious against your friends and families when you score with the least amount of strokes.

Park Golf 18 Edit

Where to play?

Niseko Cho Undo Park
Open: Mid May - Mid Oct
Opening hours: 9 am - 5 pm
Fees: Adult ¥300 (Additional ¥200 for club rental)

Kutchan Asahigaoka Park Golf
Open: Mid May - Late Oct
Opening hours: 8:30 am - 6 pm
Fees: Adult ¥400, Child ¥200 (Additional ¥200 for club rental)

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