Hokkaido Sakura—Springing into Action

Time to stop and smell the flowers!

Ever wondered why spotting a sakura tree gets you excited and makes your Japanese spirit run high? You're not alone!

The intriguing appeal of the iconic sakura has entranced many since the beginning of time with its fleeting beauty being the main reason. Japan's history of sakura viewing—also endearingly known as hanami—spans back centuries. Because of its short lifespan, the appreciation for the sakura has evolved into a fond tradition that has been preserved till the present day. Today, you will see many locals and tourists from around the world simply enjoying and basking in the moment of fresh air, fluttering petals, and mindless banter over who gets the last hanami dango (rice dumplings).

Full bloom sakura with Mt. Yotei

Full-bloom sakura with the majestic Mt. Yotei.

As the spring season withers away in March-April in the southern region of Japan, it is only just starting in mid-May for the northern folks of Hokkaido—the prefecture that is ultimately known as the nation's snow hinterland. As such, the sakura here springs into action at a much later time when the snow melt occurs at the end of April to early May.

Sakura viewing is one of the biggest annual events in Japanese culture that puts people into the festive spirit. The breathtaking beauty and cool climate of Hokkaido make spring the perfect time to visit. A light jacket, jeans, and comfortable walking shoes are all you will need to set off and discover a myriad of sakura sightings found peppered in the main cities and along the beaten path.

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Sakura In Full Bloom 202000008

Full-bloom sakura amidst stunning colourful foliage.

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