Hokkaido's Famous Birch Trees

Have a look at the beautiful Japanese white birch trees around Niseko.

Shirakaba is the Japanese name for white birch trees. Shira meaning "white" while kaba is the combined kanji for "wood" and "beauty", giving white birch trees the poetic meaning of pure elegant beauty. This perfectly describes Hokkaido's Japanese white birch trees throughout all seasons. From blending into pristine snow during winter to creating a strong contrast in the summer against green leaves, these trees are beautiful. Here are some amazing shots of Japanese white birch trees around Niseko during spring to celebrate Love a Tree Day. 

The Great Spotted Woodpecker taking a small rest on a white birch tree. 

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Striking contrast between blue skies, green grass and the white barks. 

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Stroll down this long pathway with pink cherry blossoms and white birch trees on both sides.

A peaceful day in Niseko with spring flowers, white birch trees and Mt Yotei. 

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Wander through this forest of Japanese white birch trees. 

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Sunny day in Niseko surrounded by nature.

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