NASA Space Station Spotted from Niseko

During the Jaga Matsuri fireworks, we spotted NASA's Space Station from Niseko.

While everyone was in a festive mood and enjoying the amazing fireworks show, some savvy star-gazers spotted the NASA Space Station in the distance. 


Hokkaido and Niseko are great locations for star-gazing due to our clear skies and wide open spaces. Niseko has a lack of light pollution and this adds an advantage to enjoy star-gazing throughout summer.

Take a look at this video captured during the fireworks of this year's Jaga Matsuri. The fireworks were between 7:30pm and 8:00pm on Sunday 4th of August and coincidentally the NASA Space Station was sighted around 7:44pm. The small flashing light toward the top right of the screen is the space station! 

NASA Space Station Spotted


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