The Niseko Kutchan Ride And Cycle

Everything there is to do on two wheels in Niseko and Kutchan. Watch all the events and ways there are to ride and cycle during the spring, summer, and autumn!

Want to know what summer MTB and cycling in Niseko is all about? Then this video is for you! Check out this latest video showcasing all there is to do on two wheels in Kutchan Town and the Niseko area, courtesy of Kutchan Tourism.

The Niseko area is filled with cycling and MTB enthusiasts. Given the fact that the Niseko Classic was awarded UCI status in 2016 and there has been constant development to create MTB spaces like Kutchan town's Asahigaoka Flow Trail it is no wonder that there are so many people who love riding around on two wheels. It wasn't without considerable effort from some very dedicated people that the Niseko Classic and the Asahigaoka Flow Trail have become what they are. The body of MTBers and cyclists is ever growing and all these new members are adding their support and effort, too. It is an exciting time to come to Niseko and experience Niseko's exciting summer!