One of the Cleanest Rivers in the World

Visit Niseko's Shiribetsu River.

Home to one of Japan's cleanest river, Niseko is the perfect oasis for those seeking to get close to nature. Surrounded by untouched nature, find out why the Shiribetsu River is a must see sight when visiting the area.   

Shiribetsu River 1

The Shiribestu River undergoes a strong natural purification process. Passing through mountainous areas and hot springs as it flows towards the sea of Japan, its narrow streams produces a fast current which helps to keep the river clean.  

Shiribetsu River 2

Surrounded by untouched nature, presence of the agricultural and domestic waste is minimal. Unpolluted, the Shiribestsu River is home to many types of fish including rainbow trout, red-spotted masu salmon, Japanese char and rare Japanese hunches. 

Shiribetsu River 3

With the Shiribetsu River being over 126 km in length, there are many parts of the river to be explored for fishing, rafting, kayaking, ducky and just for a swim. Enjoy the clear stream of the Shiribetsu River in the nature of Niseko.

Shiribetsu River 4

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