Niseko's Sweet Spring Water Desserts

Wakimizu mountain spring water in Japanese, is the secret ingredient in some of Niseko's most delicious desserts.

Blessed by nature, Niseko is famous within Japan for its pristine quality of water. Listed in the top 100 Japanese sources of water, the beautiful Shiribetsu River which flows through Niseko has been ranked as 'best in Japan' for its water quality 11 times since 1999.

Taking between 50 to 60 years for snow melt to filter through the iconic mountain before arriving at one of the many springs throughout Niseko, The snowmelt slowly seeps into the ground and enters background streams in the highlands before eventually emerging in one of the springs throughout the surrounding lowlands.

Fukidashi Park

Niseko has been ranked as Best in Japan for its water quality 11 times since 1999.

Gushing out over 80,000 tonnes of water each day at the foot of Mt Yotei, the power of Mother Nature is awe-inspiring. The crystal-clear spring water is highly valued as a source of drinking water in Niseko. Here, spring water is gathered daily by locals and attracts tourists from around the world.

There are many sources of the famous spring water around Niseko but the three most famous spots are Kyogoku, Makkari and Kutchan. Crisp and clean, locals have incorporated the water into creating delicious udon, soba, curry and, in particular, simple must-try desserts.

Meisui Coffee Jelly

Tofu Doughnuts

Meisui Cofee Jelly with sugar syrup and milk poured over the top.

Made using spring water from Kyogoku, this cold, refreshing dessert is a local summertime favourite. Collected from Fukidashi Park, with one of the largest and most famous springs in Niseko, the purified water has a low calcium and magnesium content which makes it perfectly suited to brewing coffee.

Coffee beans are first roasted using a carefully developed in-house method and then soaked in spring water. The rich and fragrant coffee is further processed to make coffee jelly that is healthy and refreshing on a warm summer day.

Take a stroll through a scenic Fukidashi Park while appreciating nature and the crystal-clear water with a cold coffee jelly in hand. The cooling treat can be enjoyed with milk, sugar syrup or simply plain. Meisui Coffee Jelly can be purchased from Kyugoku Roadside Station, at the entrance of Fukidashi Park.

Kyogoku Roadside Station is open every day from 8am - 6pm.

Tofu Doughnuts

Tofu Doughnuts

Using the mild tasting spring water in the process of preparing soybeans, the doughnuts have a distinct texture.

Located in Makkari Town, spring water from the outlet Yoteizan no Wakimizu is slightly softer in taste and mellow compared to Fukidashi Park. Here spring water remains the same temperature all year round and is famously used by local stores to create tofu.

Wakimizu no Sato sells an assortment of soybean related products including handmade tofu, soymilk and sweets. Offering samples of each, try their tofu doughnuts for a unique way to enjoy their famed produce.

Using the mild tasting spring water in the process of preparing soybeans,the doughnuts have a distinct texture. A little denser than its fluffy American counterparts, the doughnuts have a crispier exterior and are smaller in size.

Made using okara (soy pulp), the high moisture and and nutrient rich by-product of soy milk and tofu, the doughnuts retain moisture when fried and are a healthy alternative. Coming in plain and seasonal flavours such as matcha, cheese and pumpkin, take a filling bite into one at this local store.

Wakimizu no Sato is open every day from 8.30 am - 6 pm.

Photos by Nolan Yoshiaki Isozaki


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