Sweet Treat

A visit to one of Niseko’s famous ice creameries is pure pleasure on a sunny summer’s day.

The hardest part is choosing your flavour, as Thai expat, Niseko local and summer-lover, Sirada Tranghiranyatorn, writes.


This popular ice cream shop is one of my favourites during the summer. It’s hard to miss the shop, not only because of the big ice cream statue along the roadside, but because the ice cream tastes so good. I love the full fruit flavour of the gelato-style ice cream.

36. Lick a creamy Hokkaido 'soft cream'

All of the sherbet gelato is made from real fruits that are in season, so the flavours change from season to season. You can never get bored! To make the gelato, they put the fruits in the juicer with the mineral rich water from Mt Yotei, then they mix them cold with their special base and it turns into a smooth gelato. Seasonal flavours include:

  • Spring: apple, pineapple, kiwi and mandarin (dekopon)
  • Summer: gold kiwi, grapefruit, plum, watermelon and melon 
  • Autumn: grape and pumpkin
Experience Niseko Ice Cream Low Res 6

For me, strawberry, watermelon and melon are always best, especially after cycling and rafting (I always get at least two flavours!). They give me a fresh feeling and are a great way to pamper myself after working hard. For those that are after something less fruity, they also have a creamy gelato in a nut flavour with four different types of roasted nuts. 

Sitting in front of the shop, enjoying an amazing view of Mt Yotei with fruity ice cream is the best combination ever.

Visit: 34-62 Aza Yamada, Kutchan Town

Phone: 0136-21-2355

Niseko Gelato

In summer I like to go to Lake Toya for canoeing and Makkari Onsen, and on the way back I stop at Niseko Gelato. It’s located conveniently at the popular roadside rest stop at Niseko View Plaza so it’s a great spot to have a short break on a road trip.  

Niseko Gelato Ice Cream

All of the gelato is made in small batches from the freshest and best Hokkaido ingredients. They work with the weather and the seasons and change the flavours to suit. The ice cream makers work with the fruits and vegetables that are in the peak of their season and seek out full or almost overripe produce to get the best taste and sweetness out of them.  

Niseko Gelato Ice Cream 2

Yuzu (Japanese citrus) sorbet in a handmade crispy cone is the best on hot days, but on a cooler windy day Death By Chocolate makes me smile, too. Trying to find a good combination of flavours is always a little tricky but always part of the fun.

Visit: 79-45 Motomachi, Niseko Town

Phone: 0136-44-1385

Milk Kobo

I love to take my friends and family to this summer hot spot when they visit me in Niseko and this is for a few reasons. Firstly, apart from ice cream, they also have lots of dairy products and all of them are delicious (I can't pick!). For example, drinking yogurt, cream puffs, custard pudding, cheese tarts and cheesecake. It is a heaven for everyone, believe me! 

Experience Niseko Ice Cream Low Res 11

Secondly, Milk Kobo is a great spot for photos. I could say it’s one of my favourite Mt Yotei viewpoints, especially on sunny days. The other great thing is they have an ice cream workshop where you can make your very own ice cream and it was pretty easy and fun to do. My friends and I enjoyed it and it’s a good activity for families, too.

Milk Kobo

The ice cream is made with morning-fresh milk which gives an incredibly creamy flavour. I always get rum and raisin and original fresh milk flavours, and a drinking yogurt to take away. If you're a milk lover, you can't go past Milk Kobo. 

 Visit: 888-1 Aza Soga, Niseko Town 

 Phone: 0136-44-3734