Symbols of Autumn in Niseko

Feel the change in season by going autumn nature spotting in Niseko.

Niseko's autumn colours are a beautiful sight to see but also symbolises a time of change into winter. During this period, wildlife in Niseko will begin to migrate and get ready for the cold winter. Here are some of the animals you will begin to spot in the area.


A flock of crows flying across Mt Yotei to nearby woodlands for the autumn evenings. 


Dragonfly spotted resting on a fallen leaf in the lake. Home to over 40 types of dragonflies, spot them along marshlands and near lakes around the area.


See Niseko's famous ostriches trot around as Mt Yotei slowly turns to shades of orange and red in the background. 

Alpine black swallowtail

Alpine black swallowtail, picking nectar from fruit trees for the final months before the arrival of winter. 

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