The Beauty of Fukidashi Park

Appreciate the tranquil beauty of Japanese nature in Niseko by visiting Fukidashi Park.

Famous within Japan for its spring water, Fukidashi Park is one of the most serene places to experience nature in Niseko. Perfect for a relaxing stroll in the early morning, visit Fukidashi Park and listen to the water gushing from the grounds. 

Watch the video below to see a snippet of the area.

Built around the cool spring water, the park is constructed with turning paths leading to the source of spring water which flows into two ponds. The water is refreshingly cold that as visitors approach the spring outlets, the temperature drops to create a naturally air-conditioned area.

The overarching trees creates the illusion of the park extending into a deep forest. Meanwhile, the moss green covered stones with water trickling down highlights the natural landscape and invites visitors to enjoy the tranquil beauty around. 

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