Amazing Autumn Colours

Before the powder season hits, Autumn delivers amazing shades of red, orange and yellow across Niseko.

Autumn in Japan is the time of the year when the temperature starts to cool down and mother nature displays some breathtaking views. While there are plenty of amazing spots throughout Japan to view the stunning autumn, Niseko is a wonderful base for autumn sight-seeing! Picture-perfect autumn leaves are best enjoyed throughout October and into early November.

Fukidashi Park

Niseko's autumn average temperature is around a comfortable 12 degrees, meaning it's not too cold or too hot to try out the many activities in Niseko. Hiking and biking during autumn and taking pictures of some of the most amazing places is a must thing to do. Also try some soba noodles as autumn is known to be peak "soba season". 

Taking you back to some of the stunning Instagram autumn moments captured last year. 


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