Discover Niseko's Honesty Grocery Trucks

Fresh produce and good virtues in the Niseko community.

Coming as a shock to many foreigners when visiting Niseko are the small unmanned stores dotted around the area. Common in the countryside of Japan, these stores are better known as Mujin Hanbaisho. Relying on the good will of the community, these stores thrive in numbers in Niseko. 

Honesty Produce Truck Low Res 2

An unmanned store with the Kutchan Town mascot, Jaga kun. 

Putting faith in the community, locals will display homegrown fresh vegetables with a price tag. Choose your vegetables and place the correct amount of cash in the box. It's a great way for seniors and busy locals to sell off additional produce without having to maintain the store during long summer days. 

Honesty Produce Truck Low Res 3

Pricing of fresh local produce and moneybox. 

Usually located on the side of roads, these small stores come in the form of temporary stalls, tents and open trucks. Next time you pass by an unmanned store, make sure to pick up some fresh groceries and support the local community. 

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See more of Niseko's beautiful community spirit by attending one of the many events happening this month.